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White Spirit

Low and High White Spirits - kindly contact us for the Technical Data Sheet.
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Your Global Source for HDPE, LDPE, PE, and PPU Polymers. Contact for more details.
Base Oils

Base Oils

Top-grade US Naphthenic and Paraffinic Base Oils. Contact for Customized Solutions.
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Supply of various grades of bitumen in drums and in bulk from the AG and the Mediterranean. Please contact us with grades required, quantity and the destination for us to quote.
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Liquid Petroleum Gas

Tailored deliveries in 40-46KT parcels. Contact us with your Propane-to-Butane ratio for optimal supply.
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Fuel Oil

Bulk & flexitank delivery of 180CST, 380CST & MGO for on-spec and off-spec grades. Bulk parcels are typically 46KT parcels, however we accommodate varying parcel sizes and offer a range of specs as required by our end users.